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New Car Key 

Phoenix, AZ


Car Key Sale

*hour location might vary

Specialize in Auto Key, car key replacement, Car Key Fob And Car Key Duplication.

Picky-Locksmith is a local company that specializes in new car keys, car key duplication, and all car key programing services. We offer 24/7 emergency service calls. Our company has carved out its market leading position owing to the reliability, and affordability of its outstanding services.

Need A New Car Key Replacment?

We will be there in a heart bit!


New CAR KEY service

All your locksmith needs in one place

Hiring a local locksmith for Key service has a plethora of advantages. When you hire a locksmith based in your area, you would enjoy quick turnaround times Picky Locksmith offers Cheap Toyota Car key rriplasment Now. for your emergency Key duplication needs , We arrive near you ASAP. Enjoy today 50% off on all of your toyota key duplication needs. We are fully bonded & insured.​ The primary reason why we offer affordable 24/7 Locksmith car key Service, is because we are locally based in Phoenix AZ. Also, because we have at least one locksmith technician on standby at all times 24/7 Emergency new car key and duplication . If you have lost your Toyota car key and need a tow or four button key fob or a push to start key ,Or just locking to get an extra key , Duplicate your original Toyota key, you may need an urgent replacement of Keys, or you may just need to program your Toyota key, and will need Cheap new Key Now. In such situations, where a locksmith is based will be crucial. Picky locksmith comes to you with quick arrival wherever you are to Make you a new key from scratch with affordable and cheap rats and get you back to business. ​

PICKY-Locksmith is your ideal choice.


We will come to you at any time


New ignition Key

Lost your regular ignition key? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Picky Locksmith Phoenix AZ offers Cheap Car Key service Now. We understand that to get stuck outside your car is an uncomfortable and unexpected expense. Need your New remotes and keys, New car key duplicated or reprogrammed ? Rest assures that our team goal in PICKY-LOCKSMITH is to solve your problem the quickest most efficient and of course easy on your pocket.

Picky locksmith will be there in no time for Any of your Locksmith Services needs 24/7 with Quick Arrival,  and Cheap price. Call us now 480-876-9766

New key Fob

Need immediate emergency key fob duplication service? Picky Locksmith Phoenix AZ offers Cheap key fob duplication Now. Searching Locksmith Near Me? We offer 24HR Mobile Locksmith. with cheap and quick response. Need to get a new car key fob, need a new push to start key fob have 2, 4, 5 buttons we will come to you at any location. Need to program your Toyota fob we work around the clock. Locking for an extra Toyota key fob in Phoenix AZ ? Picky locksmith will be there in no time for Any of your car key Locksmith services 

Picky locksmith will be there in no time 24/7 with Quick Arrival and Cheap price.

Call us now 480-876-9766


Emergency Key service

We provide 24/7of emergency car key services. Picky Locksmith Phoenix AZ offers Cheap Key duplication Now. Did you get locked out of the car, lost your key ? Don't worry.

We believe you should get back running asap. Picky-Locksmith guarantees

quick arrivals and cheap price.

without breaking your wallet or your car window. We will come to you Now. 

wherever your located at and rescue you out of this tuff situation an get you a new Toyota key replacement.

Picky locksmith will be there in no time for Any of your Locksmith Services 24/7 with Quick Arrival and Cheap price.

Call us now 480-876-9766

24HR emergency locksmith service_edited.

We Are Available 24 Hourse a Day,
7 Days a Week.

You would always get a locally based locksmith when you call for a new car key and emergency vehicle key  service.

Picky locksmith Phoenix AZ offer Cheap new Toyota Car key services.

You will enjoy a top-quality service at affordable cheap rates. You wouldn’t be overcharged unnecessarily,

you wouldn’t be offered a temporary fix or patch to your problem. And you can have the problem attended to right at the site or address where you are. We will make you a new Toyota Key fob on spot. We will programe your Toyota 4 button fob  without any damage.

we will have your new key ready to use wherever you are, with 25% off all your emergency Key duplication  needs.

You wouldn’t have to spend hours for the key to be replaced, keys to be remade or both. you came to the right place we provide 24/7 affordable and cheap rats at any time, and we come to you wherever your located 24/7 emergenc New car key replacement. Picky-Locksmith at your service!

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