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Picky Locksmith Near Me Phoenix
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Picky Locksmith near me | 24hr Locksmith services | Phoenix AZ

We provide you with 24 hour locksmith solutions professionally and fast with affordable rates.

Stay Picky!

  • Who to call when youre locked out of you house
    When you find yourself locked out of your house, Picky Locksmith is the company to call for fast and reliable service. Our team of professional locksmiths specializes in residential lockouts, and we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to assist you in gaining access to your home without causing any damage to your locks or doors. Whether you've lost your keys, broken a key in the lock, or simply left your keys inside, Picky Locksmith is committed to providing prompt and efficient assistance to get you back inside your home safely and securely. With our focus on customer satisfaction and our commitment to quality service, you can trust Picky Locksmith to handle your residential lockout situation with care and expertise.
  • Who to call when you're locked out of your car
    If you find yourself locked out of your car, the best thing to do is to remain calm and contact Picky Locksmith immediately. We understand the urgency of the situation and pride ourselves on our rapid 15-minute response time. Our team of professional locksmiths is well-equipped to handle car lockouts efficiently and effectively. Whether you are stranded at home, work, or on the road, our experienced technicians will promptly come to your location and assist you in gaining access to your vehicle without causing any damage. You can rely on Picky Locksmith to provide the quick, reliable, and hassle-free service you need during a stressful situation like being locked out of your car.
  • How to open a locked Car / locked House / locked Business | What to do if you Locked out
    To open a locked car, house, or business, it's essential to proceed carefully and, if necessary, seek professional assistance to avoid causing damage or violating legal boundaries. Here are general guidelines for each scenario: Locked Car: Assess the situation: Check if any windows are partially open or if there's a spare key accessible. Utilize spare key: If available, use a spare key to unlock the door. Call for help: Contact a roadside assistance service or locksmith trained in car lockouts. Use professional tools: Lockout tools like slim jims or inflatable wedges may be used by professionals to safely unlock the car door without damaging it. Locked House: Check other entry points: Verify if any windows or doors are unlocked or accessible. Look for spare keys: Look for spare keys hidden outside the house or with trusted neighbors or family members. Seek professional help: Contact a licensed locksmith if no other options are available. They can utilize specialized tools to unlock the door without causing damage. Locked Business: Contact designated personnel: Check if there's a designated keyholder or manager who can grant access. Verify emergency protocols: Some businesses may have designated procedures for lockouts. Follow these protocols if available. Call a locksmith: If authorized, contact a commercial locksmith experienced in business lockouts to regain entry safely and efficiently. Avoid force: Refrain from attempting to break in or force entry, as it can lead to property damage and legal consequences. In all cases, prioritizing safety, legality, and minimizing potential damage is crucial. If unsure or unable to open the locked area, it's best to seek professional assistance. Additionally, always ensure to have appropriate authorization before attempting to access locked premises. If you find yourself locked out of your car, house, or business, here are steps you can take to regain access safely and efficiently: Stay Calm: Panicking won't help the situation. Take a deep breath and assess your options calmly. Check for Spare Keys: Look for any spare keys you might have hidden nearby or entrusted with a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member. Alternative Entry Points: Examine other doors, windows, or access points to see if there's a way to get in without the key. Be cautious and prioritize safety. Contact Keyholder or Manager: If locked out of a business premise, reach out to a designated keyholder or manager who might have access or be able to provide assistance. Call for Help: Consider calling a professional locksmith, roadside assistance service, or property manager for assistance. These professionals have the expertise and tools to help you regain entry safely. Avoid Force: Refrain from attempting to force your way in through windows, doors, or locks. This could lead to damage to the property or injury to yourself. Follow Legal and Protocol Guidelines: Be mindful of any legal implications or company protocols regarding lockouts. Always act within the boundaries of the law and any established procedures. Stay Safe and Secure: While waiting for assistance, ensure your safety by staying in a well-lit area if possible, especially during nighttime lockouts. If you're in an unsafe situation, seek help from authorities or trusted individuals. Prevent Future Lockouts: Take measures to avoid future lockouts by keeping spare keys in secure locations, practicing mindfulness when locking doors, and considering keyless entry systems or smart locks for added convenience and security. Remember, being locked out can be stressful, but with patience and the right approach, you can resolve the situation safely and regain access to your property.

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24-Hour Automotive Locksmith Services in Phoenix for your car or truck.

24-Hour Residential Locksmith Services in Phoenix for your home -lock change, rekey etc. Fair price.

Locksmith Services in Phoenix AZ

Our Picky-Locksmith Phoenix AZ is a local mobile locksmith company located in Phoenix AZ. We offer 24/7 locksmith services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale and all over Maricopa County. Surely, our technicians are well trained and experienced. We believe that a great company is valued by i'ts costumer service. So we are proud to provide our community with 24/7 response. As a result, we provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Ranked 5 Stars on Google, Angi, Home Advisor, Yelp, Facebook etc. Our technicians install, repair, replace, and expert on automobile locksmith, residential locksmith, as well as commercial locksmith services. Picky-Locksmith Phoenix AZ is your business choice.

Call Now To Our Locations.

Our customers appreciate us because our super-fast response time, which is usually between 15 and 25 minutes. The word has spread around that we are reliable, efficient and as well as courteous. Moreover, our unbeatable prices, and our fair and transparent low cost pricing, help us be a leading locksmith company all over phoenix. And, equally important, we usually quote the price upfront prior of arrival at your convenient destination. Therefore, we are more than confident that you will be happy, impressed, and satisfied with our exquisite service. So, call us, we are just a phone call away,

call us now 480-876-9766.

24/7 Locksmith Services

Serving Clients in Phoenix.

All Over Maricopa County


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Picky locksmith is  Serving our community all over Phoenix since 2018. Picky-Locksmith is a family-owned and operated local business. We offer valley-wide services. We take honor and pride by delivering you excellence! that is on matched. specialized in: automotive, residential, and commercialWe offer cost-effective locksmith services fast, efficient, and to all kinds of locksmith services wherever you are in the Phoenix area. Whether you’ve mistakenly locked yourself out of your home, car, or business, Picky-Locksmith is here to get you back and running in no time. No matter the situation, Our locksmith team has years of experience on there shoulders, and are ready to tackle any job. So when you, you're family or friends find themself in need of any locksmith service, smartly you came to the right place, look no further we are here to serve your every needs.

Picky-Locksmith Near Me Phoenix AZ.

24 HR Emergency services.

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A professional mobila locksmith at your house. Our team at Picky-Locksmith is trained to handle all kinds of situations in your home regarding your Residential locksmith needs. Locked out of your home or bedroom? Don’t worry, we are here to help. We understand that to get locked outside your house is an uncomfortable and unexpected expense. We are able to get you in, repair and install any kind of lock and are proven for the best prices in the market! We also provide services for your garage door, gate, mailbox, cabinet, and more. Do you need your home locks change or rekeyed? Rest assure that our team goal in PICKY-LOCKSMITH is to solve your problem the quickest most efficient and of course easy on your pocket.

Picky Locksmith Phoenix's AZ has a top priority for commercial businesses in need for locksmith.

With our unbeatable pricing, reliable service and 24-hour availability of experts on call, we can efficiently attend your commercial locksmith requirements. Above all, our technicians are properly trained to handle such locksmith projects with top notch security locks and advanced technology to protect your business at all times. Our state-of-art tool helps technicians at Picky-Locksmith to complete the job taken to the most satisfaction of not just our commercial clients, but also our residential clients. We strive to get you back in business as soon as possible with all your commercial locksmith needs.


Looking for an Automotive locksmith in Phoenix AZ for your car or truck? At Picky-Locksmith, we provide 24 hour auto locksmith services.
Did you get locked out of your car?
Don’t worry. We believe you should get to your destination - quick as possible.
without breaking your wallet or your window.

We will come to you. wherever your car is and make you a new car key ASAP.
With years of auto key and lock experience, our locksmiths can take on any brand and model of vehicles.

What Makes Us Different?


We Are Experts in the Locksmith field.

It is our duty and pride to provide our customers with personal engagement at all times. We at Picky locksmith understand that a lot of locksmith services are involved with frustration and stress in some degree. It could be that you got lockout of your car or home, lost all keys after a long day at work, and cannot go back home to the kids, or late for dinner plans. There are million reasons that losing a key breaking a key and etc. can ruin your day, but rest assured that your not alone! It happens to the best of us and for those reasons and many more our team in Picky locksmith will make this event as smooth and painless as possible. From the second  you call our number take a breathe your in good hands! We know exactly what to do, we are well trained and work as a system from the dispatcher taking your call up to the technician at your door step, and final it all with 24/7 customer service, before and after your project. We find the nearest Picky locksmith technician that are spread all over Phoenix 24/7. and send theme your way.

For you it might be the first time you need a locksmith - for us at Picky locksmith its our day to day art .


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We believe that a great company is valued  by its costumer service. So we are proud to provide our community with 24/7 response

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A locally owned biasness with 5+ years in the field, And growing. Happy to serve the  Phoenix AZ community with All Your locksmith needs. 

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