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Lost House Keys Service

Amidst all hustle and bustle of life, losing the house key is a common occurrence. It can be far beyond frustrating when you don’t have a spare key on hand and find yourself in a lockout situation.

Luckily, if you are in Phoenix, there is no need to worry as you have Locksmith Pro Solutions at your disposal.

We possess the right combination of knowledge, equipment, and expertise to handle the situations arising from lost, misplaced, and stolen house keys.

Why choose our Lost House Keys services?

Since your front door is your first line of defense in your house, it is recommended to get your lock replaced or rekeyed after you lose your key to prevent a potential breach of your security.

No matter what type of lock your front door utilizes and what option you decide to go with, we can be of your assistance.

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Lost House Keys Services in Phoenix AZ

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How We Deal with a House Lockout

Here is how we deal with a lockout situation arising from the lost front door keys of your house or apartment.

Step 1 – Opening the Lock

We begin the process by opening the lock either by picking or drilling to restore your access inside your house.

We utilize non-destructive entry methods to open a lock to the maximum possible extent to preserve its integrity and functionality. We have access to the right picking tools that enable us to unlock any lock while keeping it in its best possible shape.

However, there are times when a non-invasive entry is not possible, and drilling is a last-resort approach. We use lock drilling tools in a precise way to make sure that no damage is caused to the door.

Step 2 –Lock Change, Lock Rekey, Key Replacement

Once the door is unlocked, we will provide you with all the possible solutions. Whatever option you choose, we will work expediently to restore your ability to operate the lock again.

Our technicians always get to the underlying cause of the problem and work expediently to bring the device back to optimal working order in the quickest time possible.

Residential Lock Change Service

Changing your lock is the easiest and most effective way to prevent any vulnerabilities stemming from a lost or misplaced house key.

We will help you choose the lock of the right type, style, and brand and install it with ultimate accuracy and perfection.

Lock Rekeying Service

We will help you choose the lock of the right type, style, and brand and install it with ultimate accuracy and perfection.

Fortunately, lock replacement is not the only option to negate the previous key. Rekeying is a cheaper alternative and just as secure without replacing the entire lock body.

We will utilize the right tools and techniques to accurately change the pin configuration of your lock and create a new set of keys for you on the spot while making the old keys virtually useless.

Key Replacement Service

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If you have a spare key inside the house, find your lost house key, and you decide not to rekey or replace the lock, we can cut a replacement key that perfectly suits your lock right the first time and every time.

Call Picky Locksmith To Lost House Keys Today Emergency Service in Phoenix AZ!

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We understand the urgency needed to handle the situations arising from a lost or stolen front door key. This is why our technicians are always ready to help clients experiencing a house lockout situation even at a moment’s notice.

Whether you reach out to us at 2:00 AM or 2:00 PM, we will dispatch one of our qualified technicians to your location right away and find the most suitable solution to get you back on track in the most efficient way possible.

Call Picky Locksmith Phoenix AZ Now

If you have ever been locked out of your house due to a lost or stolen key, do not panic and let Picky Locksmith provide you immediate assistance and restore your peace of mind.

Call us today at 480-876-9766 to discuss your needs with our technicians.


Lost House Key Locksmith Services in Phoenix AZ

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