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Open Safe Service

Professional Safe Services in Phoenix

Have you ever concerned about the safety of your important documents and valuables? You know that installing a safe in your home or office will help with easing your worries. At Picky-Locksmith, we are experienced in installing safes that will help with keeping your valuable items and records safe.

What do we do concerning safes?

Not just in the installation of safes in homes and offices, our locksmiths at Picky-Locksmith specializes in repairing and cracking safes. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Phoenix. We can also handle just in case you have lost the keys of your safe.

We Will Install or Open Your Locked Safe

Safe is important – Prevent Damag

Safes are for safeguarding things of value, but you might not be aware of what to put and what not to put in a safe. You should decide on this considering how often you require access to the items that you store in the safe.

We at Picky-Locksmith recommend our clients to choose the right safe based on the purpose. For instance, they should decide one based on whether they need the safe for their residential or commercial property and also on the basis of the level of security they wish to get.  Also, safes come in different sizes consider the requirement of storage. So, it is better to decide based on what you wish to store in the safe.

picky locksmith commercial safe lockout and programming

Up to 20-30 minutes ETA arrival for Emergencies

picky locksmith open safe

At Pickt-Locksmith, we are available as a 24-hour locksmith service. We serve Phoenix and surrounding areas when it comes to safe installation and repairs. Even, we can take care of the task of rekeying of your safe just in case, you need a rekeying for enhancing the security.

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Advanced equipment and tools

  • Highly trained locksmiths and professionally trained customer support team

  • Reliable and efficient

  • Super quick services

  • 24-hour availability

Whether you need safes for your home or office, Picky-Locksmith have the right expertise to help you

Emergency Locksmith - When You Need It, Where You Need It.


Open Safe Locksmith Services in Phoenix AZ

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