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Are All Locks Can Be Rekeyd Alike?

Yes, it is possible to have all the locks in your house working with the same key. This is known as "keying alike" or "master keying" and it involves re-pinning the locks so that they can be opened by a single key.

To achieve this, you will need to hire a locksmith to assess your locks and determine if they are compatible for keying alike. If they are, the locksmith can re-key the locks so that they can be opened by the same key. If some of your locks are not compatible, the locksmith may need to replace them with compatible locks.

It is important to note that keying alike does not provide the same level of security as having different keys for each lock. If someone were to obtain a copy of your key, they would be able to access all of the locks in your house. Therefore, it is important to keep your keys secure and limit the number of copies that are made.

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