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Is Every Lock can be Re-keyed?

Not every lock can be re-keyed, as it depends on the type of lock and the specific model. Re-keying a lock involves changing the lock's internal pins or tumblers to match a new key, which can only be done if the lock is designed to allow for this process.

Some locks, such as basic padlocks, may not have the ability to be re-keyed. However, many higher-end locks, such as deadbolts and commercial-grade locks, are designed with re-keying in mind and can be easily re-keyed by a locksmith or someone with the necessary tools and expertise.

It's important to note that not all locks that can be re-keyed are created equal. Some locks may be easier to re-key than others, and some may require special tools or expertise. If you're considering re-keying a lock, it's always best to consult a locksmith or other security professional to ensure that the process is done correctly and that your lock remains secure.

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